25 Days of Christmas – Day 14 – The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus and Santa

A friend and I were talking at work the other day about how hard it is to share the messages of Christmas with our young children. Certainly we want them to know that Jesus is the reason for the season. Yet we love the message of giving and magic and love that is Santa. The two stories go hand in hand, for God gave us his son in order that He might save the world. In turn, Jesus asked us to love. We are to give to others in love and honor to Christ in the way that the wise men gave to him on the night of his birth. I found this beautiful poem today that really echoes that message in a poignant way.

Our Day 14 activities allowed us to mold this message for our children. We went to two special Lubbock activities: Santa Land where we walked through looking at the lights. We also went through the Drive Through Living Nativity put on by First Church of the Nazarene. It was a beautiful moment where we were able to talk about God’s love, why He put Jesus on earth for us, and how Santa’s message of giving to others with love and humility is just what God asks us to do.






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