25 Days of Christmas – Day 13 – Brotherly Love

Jeremy and Jace can be the worst of enemies, but most of the time they are the best of friends. They love each other so much, and I am thankful each day that they are so close and have one another. For Day 13 the boys went to Toys R Us to get a gift for one another. Their are 2 big challenges to this.

1. Remembering that you are looking for your brother not for yourself!
2. Keeping it a secret!

Jeremy was thoughtful in his choosing.


He knew when he had found the perfect one!



Jace, too, was careful to choose just the perfect thing.


That’s pretty awesome considering how hard it is for a four year old to remember that the gift is for someone else! He found just the right fit!



And the little prankster also had Daddy take a pic of him holding up a Barbie to show his brother. I still think Jeremy is convinced this is really what Jace bought him!



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