25 Days of Christmas 2013 – Day 8 – Some Christmas Sparkle

My vow on this blog is to always post the good, the bad, and the ugly. This particular craft idea was one that I thought would be EXCELLENT. Turns out my kids really weren’t big enough for this one yet. I’ll outline why this wasn’t such a great fit for us in a bit…

I always try to include some sort of science-y experiment in my crafty plans. This year I found this awesome idea for Borax crystal ornaments on the Build a Better Mouse Trip site. The instructions and post are excellent, and I was convinced we could pull this off. Here’s what we learned…

1. Making things out of pipe cleaners is NOT as easy as it looks!

20131210-205559.jpg 20131210-205621.jpg

2. This requires BOILING water…4 and 6 year olds cannot play with BOILING water!

3. Figuring out how to make something be covered by water yet not touch the bottom of a container is NOT as easy as I thought.


These are pretty, and it was an interesting experiment. Jeremy and Jace made “predictions.” Jerm said the solution would make the ornaments change colors. Jace said it would make the shiny. 🙂


Ultimately, a fun activity, but maybe better when they are older!


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