25 Days of Christmas – Day 6 – Christmas Songs About the Nativity

Day 6 for us was a busy day, and the kids were tired and ready for bed. So…that’s our one skip day! Instead, I decided to replicate my most popular post. Last year I posted Christmas Carols Not in the Main celebrating some super strange Christmas songs. This year I want to focus on Christmas songs centered on the Nativity.

I love ballads and the beauty of story told in song. The Nativity is the most beautiful story of all time, and many singer/songwriters have embraced that with tales which break your heart.

Let’s start with a classic – one Mom and I used to perform each year. Currently I am loving this version of “Mary Did You Know” performed by CeeLo Green: 

I can’t hear this one without crying. Amy Grant was my mom’s favorite artist, and her voice, especially singing “Breath of Heaven” is incredibly moving.

A newer trend in Christmas music is a view of the nativity from Joseph’s perspective. The first song like this I ever heard was Mercy Me’s “Joseph’s Lullaby,” heard here:

I also love 4Him’s “A Strange Way to Save the World,” a song which embraces the sense of doubt that I can only imagine Joseph must have felt in a time in which marital customs were stringent:

Finally, my very favorite! For this one I have to give a big “Thank You” to my brother-in-laws who played it for me for the very first time. Dave Matthews brings a beautiful (and some what controversial) perspective to the Nativity in his “Christmas Song.”

What are your favorite Nativity songs? These are clearly just a few. I hope they bless your heart!

You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Luke 2:12


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