Let the Halloween Fun Begin!

Halloween Past

Yes – I love Halloween! I love most holidays, but there is something about Halloween that has always been just…fun!

I grew up in the middle of nowhere – 30 miles from the closest town, 1 mile from the closest neighbor. Now there were pros and cons to this, but one of the definite positives was Halloween. I was one of the only kids in surrounding area. Most of the ranchers were old timers with kids grown up and grandkids in town. So on Halloween  Momma would dress me up and we would drive out to the neighbors’ houses. And OH the LOOT! It was awesome. And so were they – twenty or thirty minutes at each place talking and fellowshipping together. It was amazing! One year I was a cheerleader…I remember Mom posing me in the snow next to a giant pumpkin as I cried because it was cold!

When I got older Mom would sometimes drive me to town to trick or treat with my friends. One year I went with Diana and her big sister, Holly. Holly dressed like Glinda the Good Witch, and Di and I work these ridiculous dresses as munchkins. Their dad took us around at each house he made us sing, “We’re the little munchkins/ trick-or-treating we will go!”

Another year we decorated the old house on the place and two friends spent a spooky music and scary story filled night!

As we got older we often had Halloween school dances. One of my last childhood Halloween costumes was the year Jenice and I decided to make our own…I was an Oreo and she was a Glass of Milk. Dancing was NOT easy!

I think my favorite Halloween memory, however, was my senior year of High School. That weekend we dressed up for a Halloween party at Diana’s house. Present were: Indiana Jones, Jack(eline) Sparrow, a Nerd (with buck teeth and suspenders), and me…the rejected Bond girl! The next day at school we wore ridiculous wigs. Halloween night we made brownies and took them to the old ladies in town – backwards trick-or-treating. One of them refused to come to the door until I called her!

Halloween More Recent Past

Now Halloween is all about Jeremy and Jace! In six years they have been…a horse, Tony Romo, a pirate, a parrot, Elmo, Super Grover, Luke Skywalker, Spiderman, Cookie Monster,  and The Onceler. And every costume is handmade by Nana who is amazing!! This year we’ll have a Storm Trooper and a glow in the dark skeleton. And boy are they excited!

Halloween Present

This year my goal is to do Halloween activities throughout the coming weeks. We’ll be making cards for family, crafts, singing songs, watching favorite movies (we had a Ghostbuster marathon this last weekend!), and enjoying the holiday fun. It’s also a teaching experience because they are old enough to express what fear is. I’m going with that theme…scared. What does it mean? How do we avoid it? How do we deal with it? How would God have us manage it? I’m excited to combine God’s message that he will be there for us with our Halloween excitement.

Christianity and Halloween


Now I know it is an argumentative point to combine Christianity and Halloween. Some Christians are completely against that Holiday. I grew up with Christian parents who believed that it was a time for imagination, not Satan’s holiday. Certainly it can be dark and we have a responsibility to educate our children about that. The solution isn’t just to throw a scripture on it and call it good. The solution – for me anyway – is to show that God encourages happiness and love as a combative to fear. Daniel should have been afraid in the Lion’s Den, but he faced those lions with songs and joy. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego should have been scared to death in that fiery furnace, but they sang together and prayed with confidence. Paul and Silas should have feared for their lives in prison, but they praised the Lord with their voices and found asylum. Christ should have been afraid on the cross, but he knew that his Father’s will would be done. We’ll be talking about these stories in combination with our Halloween stories and books about scary situations.

So…if I haven’t scared you off with my religious thoughts, keep watching! Many fun Halloween activities to come!


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