Valentine’s Day – Lots of Love

I hate to say it, but I am absolutely thrilled that Valentine’s Day is over. It isn’t a holiday that Brian and I do for each other – we never have. But this year I wanted to make it special for the boys. Add to that the fact that I had Room Mom duties and you have an incredibly tired Mom. If I never see another pink or red construction paper heart it will be too soon (until next year…ha). And here’s the big problem…I forgot to take picture of about half of the things I spent all that time making! Grrr…


1. Valentines for Jace’s class – I wanted them to be something he could do 90%. I traced his hand cut out enough for each classmate. He glued the hands onto construction paper squares. Then he used the class roster (what he called his “map”) to find the letters in each friend’s name. He then used foam letter stickers to spell out the names on the hands. He wasn’t allowed to add candy or toys, so these were adorably cute little cards.

2. Heart wreaths for the three teachers – strips of red and pink construction paper, glue stick, V-Day ribbon from the Dollar Spot at Target






3. Paper heart chains for decoration at Jeremy’s class party

4. Superhero Sucker Valentines for Jeremy’s class – From Super Mom Moments He was home sick and wrote all of the Valentines. Then I put them all together – thought they would be considerably easier so that he could do it. Wrong.




5. 14 days of Love Notes for my kids

6. 14 days of Love Notes to the hubs – borrowed from Happy Home Fairy

7. “Heart Attack” notes for Grandparents – I cut out a jillion construction paper hearts. The kids drew on them, wrote notes, colored pictures. Pretty cute!

8. Valentine’s Day dice games




Now all of this was certainly fun and the party went well. But let this serve as my honest declaration…next year we are doing bought Valentines like everyone else!!!!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Lots of Love

  1. Hahaha! It’s like having a baby…by next year, you will forget the pain! We loved our “heart attack!” I can tell the boys loved the games, and the school fun. XOXO

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