Singing the Spring Break Blues

Spring Break is fast approaching. While I am excited for our big trip, I am also completely frustrated, annoyed, and petrified. Before Christmas I was half way to my ideal weight. I was running a 12 minute mile…which for Little Miss Asthma Attack is pretty awesome. I was rocking yoga. I even told my friend Megan that I was in the best shape of my life and had never felt better. Here we are two months later and I am back to feeling like a grotesque being, binging to cope with frustration of feeling fat, and hating myself every time I look in the mirror. Now mind you, I am not writing this for sympathy or attention. I am writing it for me, to remind myself that I never want to feel like this again. I am almost 25, and I am tired of yoyo dieting up and down up and down. I want to be thin and firm And feel good about myself and my body. So after binging on a pint of Cherry Garcia this morning as I mourned the body I had hoped to take with me to California in March, I drove to the gym. And there I ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes followed by a lower ab series that is going to hurt tomorrow. And just now I finished 30 minutes of a Core Challenge that consists of 200 “crunches”…but I do sprinters and mountain climbers and chair squats instead. Tomorrow I am getting up to do yoga before work, abs at lunch, and yoga tomorrow night at the gym. I am so pissed at myself that 3 times a day working out might so me some good. The anger might push me to keep it up too. So let the calorie counting begin. I have three weeks to get where I want to be.


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