Why I Sing You Lullabies

To Jeremy and Jace:

Tonight I could NOT get you to go to sleep. I don’t usually sit with you and rub your backs and sing. Up until last year the minute you were in bed became my homework time. I regret that I didn’t take the time to do that every night. In my own defense, neither of you have ever been the “rock-to-sleep” kinds of babies I hear about from others. You always went to sleep better when left to your own devices. But tonight I felt like rubbing your backs and singing lullabies. I have told you both that the lullabies I sing have stories behind them. Two of them were your Grandma’s songs. One is your Nana’s. I sing them to you, and I pray that you will remember them and someday sing them to your own children as well.

When I was small your Grandma would lay with me in bed. We would talk and giggle. We would pray together. And she would sing. Her voice was wonderful. She would sing almost in a whisper, but her mid-range was still pure, true. She was a beautiful alto. I can still feel her fingers running through my hair, still hear the intonation in her voice as she sang the words “days-ies, days-ies”…words in the middle of Arky, Arky, a song about Noah and the flood.

She also sang this funny song called Three Little Angels.  I looked it up…it was a Girl Scout song and a camp song.

Three little Angels

all dressed in white, 

trying to get to Heaven on the end of a kite. 

Kite got broken and down they all fell.

Instead of going to Heaven they all went to…

Two little Angels (…and so on)

Last chorus:

Instead of going to heaven they all went to bed. 

Second verse:

Three Little Devils 

all dressed in red, 

trying to get to Heaven on the end of a thread. 

Thread got broken and down they all fell. 

Instead of going to Heaven they all went to…”

I love singing those songs to you because they were her songs. For me they will always be her songs. And when I sing them, I am convinced I can hear her singing them too.

I also sing you Raffi’s Baby Beluga. Nana and Daddy introduced me to this one. It was Daddy and Jordan and Brandon’s favorite. Nana sang it to them. She sang it to you both when you were tiny babies. And I sing it to you because it is beautiful and gentle and peaceful. And I love that Nana sang it to her babies. It makes me feel happy inside.

Here’s the song:

Here’s an amazing intro to the song by Raffi at a live concert:

Someday I hope that all three of these will be favorites of your children. And I hope that you will be able to tell them why your Mommy sang these songs and loved them so.


2 thoughts on “Why I Sing You Lullabies

  1. It is never too late to sing lullabies or read bedtime stories. Baby Beluga is just one of those timeless songs! My boys also LOVED Morningtown Ride. When Jeremy and Jace go night night in Nana and Pop’s big bed, they also love to hear My Grandfather’s Clock and There’s a Little Green Frog Swimming in the Water!
    LOVE the new layout!

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