1 Snowflake + 1 Snowflake = Snowfall Math

I love preschool/Kindergarten math. I love that almost ANYTHING can be math! Since we Lubbockites have yet to see any of that lovely white stuff coming down, I decided that our weekend crafting should tie in with the snow we’re missing.

We began with an idea that I borrowed from the Happy Home Fairy…make a snowman!


We used paper plates, construction paper, and cotton balls.

As we made the snowman, we talked about when it snows and what the season might be. We talked about how to build a snowman…with 3 balls. We used transition words…first, then, next, last.


And when we were done, we had this cute guy! Jeremy drew those awesome glasses!


Next we began to talk about an episode of their favorite TV show, Curious George. In that episode, George uses alternative items to measure – specifically a licorice stick. (There is even a game on the PBS website where George practices measuring.) We brainstormed possible items to use to measure our snowman.

We ended up measuring him with Licorice and Legos.


Jeremy had fun counting by 5’s to see how many legos tall the snowman is. They then wrote down their findings.


I have several other fun Snowman Math activities pinned on Facebook. This one from Some What Simple is really great!


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