25 Days of Christmas – Day 23 -CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!!!!!


My family has always had this tradition. On Christmas Eve it is a race to the phones. We dial the numbers as fast as we can (thank goodness for the invention of speed dial!). We cross our fingers and just hope the other line isn’t thinking straight. And as soon as that person picks up we yell “CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!!!!” at the top of our lungs. The gift for us is the race and seeing who won – nothing material, just pride!

Now truthfully I was naive enough to believe that this was only an Augustine tradition. I literally had NO clue that other people did this. Until a few years ago as I was talking with my “sister,” Brittni. And hark! THEY DO IT TOO! Some web research has shown me it’s a pretty common though certainly still unusual tradition in the South. My husband would say it is one of those weird Red Neck things (sheesh…City Boy!). And even though he rolls his eyes as I yell the words to those I love over the phone – or cheatingly text them as I did this year – it is still something I will hold dear that makes each Christmas unique.

I am reminded as I yell the words that the real gift of Christmas is the birth of our savior. I am thankful that years ago someone gave me the gift – sharing His story with me and leading me to ask Christ to save my life. I am thankful that God has given me children to bring up in His word. I encourage you – take the time to read Luke 2 today. I pray that God finds you where you are and holds you close.


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