25 Days of Christmas – Day 20 – Reindeer and Peppermint

Apparently there is a serious theme for Christmas 2012 – Reindeer and Peppermint. How they go together, I’m not sure,  but they have flooded our Christmas season. Seriously…you should see my Pinterest! Tonight the boys and I made some special treats for the Holiday. Some are for tomorrow’s expedition. Some are just for rumbly little tummies. To give credit where credit is due, neither are my own creation. A big thanks to Plain Chicken and Gonna Want Seconds for amazingly creative Christmas ideas.

Peppermint Popcorn Bark

2 Bags microwave popcorn, popped

1 package almond bark

Peppermint extract

6 oz peppermint candy

1. Crush the peppermint by whatever means necessary. Yes, a food processor is easier, but it doesn’t provide the joy of bashing the Ho-Ho-Ho out of some candy. 🙂


2. Pour the candy on top of the popcorn.


3. Melt the almond bark. Pour on top of popcorn and peppermint. (Yeah so that’s 2 steps…sue me! HA!)


4. Stir until coated. Then pour out onto wax paper-covered pan.


I bagged it up in a cute bag from Hobby Lobby that we will be gifting to a special friend tomorrow!


Rudolph Noses


Hershey’s Kisses

Red M&Ms


1. Unwrap Kisses. Jerm and Jace suggest eating every other one that you unwrap.


2. Line up pretzels on foil or parchment paper-covered pan. Since my two are TOTALLY OCD, this took a while. Note: Jerm and Jace say any time you find a broken pretzel, you should eat it IMMEDIATELY!


3. Put a Kiss in the middle of each pretzel. Again, eating them as you go is required.


4. Put pan in 200 degree oven for 3-5 minutes. The chocolates should be melted but still retain their shape.


5. Add a bright red Rudolph nose to each!


Happy Christmas Munching! 

Here’s hoping you have some reindeer or peppermint in the mix!


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