25 Days of Christmas – Day 13 – Find Your Center – A Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary

This morning I took the boys to see “Rise of the Guardians.” I assumed it would be just another Christmas movie, and while it certainly had those traditional themes within it, the message was much more poignant in light of yesterday’s tragic events. {{SPOILER ALERT!!}}

The story hinges on classic figures: Sand Man, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Boogey Man, and Man in the Moon. The first four characters are guardians of childhood who work to keep the children of the world safe from harm. The Man in the Moon appoints them and guides them. When the Boogey Man threatens the guardians, and in turn the children, The Man in the Moon appoints a new guardian – Jack Frost. He is the “bad boy” of the mythical creatures, perpetually on the Naughty List. What viewers discover is that he is a lost soul without an understanding of who his, without purpose. After his new status as Guardian is announced, Santa Claus corner’s Jack and ominously asks “What is your center?” Santa pulls a matryoshka doll painted to look like Santa from the shelf and  hands it to Jack. As Jack unstacks the dolls he sees different images of Santa which remark on the old man’s characteristics. Finally he gets to the final, smallest doll with enormous blue eyes. Santa explains that his eyes – eyes which can see wonder in all things – are his center. Jack spends the rest of the movie searching for his own center. It is not until he finds that center – fun – that he is able to defeat Boogey Man and save the children of the world by restoring in them hope, wonder, joy, and belief.


On a day when so many of us want to cling tightly to our children, a day when we mourn for the lives tragically lost in a senseless crime, I felt that this message couldn’t be more spot-on. Our children – we as adults – our country – need to be reminded of hope. We need to be reminded of the kindness, the goodness of our fellow man in the horror of an imperfect world. As many (including Scott VanPelt) stated yesterday, this is not the time to debate Second Amendment rights and security. This is the time to stand together, stand strong, and believe. In our house, that belief is in Jesus Christ who is in control, who has a purpose, and who loves us unconditionally. For you that belief may be in something else, and I respect that and you for holding to truths that are dear to you. In this time of Christmas, this season of giving, I hope that you have something to believe in, and hope that you join me in sending out thoughts of kindness and warmth to the Connecticut families who grieve today. Also, take the time to check out Happy Home Fairy’s beautiful tribute To the Mother…. I hope you find her words as comforting as I do!

IMG_5505 IMG_5504


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