The 25 Days of Christmas – Day 10 – All She Wants for Christmas is Hope

In April I introduced you to Harper Howard, my cousin’s precious little girl. In her, I see the the Real Meaning of Hope, and that’s what the Christmas season is all about. Harper has had a difficult year health-wise with numerous set backs. But the money that the Hope4Harper foundation raised has already led to progress in gaining information on the CDKL5 disorder. Harper’s family can only hope that the next $100,000 will find a way to stop the painful seizures that plague the beauty of Harper’s childhood. Yet somehow Penny, Dustin, and Lily still have smiles and a positive outlook. At Christmas especially we can learn a great deal from them – from their gratefulness, from their joy, and from their love. 

sugar plumbs


Please take the time to check out the Hope4Harper website. Share it with others. Donate to Harper’s cause. Donate for hope for Harper, others with CDKL5, and those who suffer from epilepsy. 

Merry Christmas, Howard family! We love you! 


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