“Zoo”mur (A post dedicated to my ridiculous brother-in-law)

** Disclaimer: If you are Cole and Nicole Andes or any of my other Albuquerque friends, please don’t yell at me for not calling you while in Albuquerque–it was a short trip!

So last weekend we made a quick trip to Albuquerque to pick up the boys who had been staying with Nana and Pops. They had all traveled to Abq to attend my brother-in-law’s White Coat Ceremony. He has just started medical school.

On Saturday we all went to the zoo, and our trip was filled with what Brandon dubbed “Zoo”mur.

This post is dedicated to him–prepare your self, it is pretty zoofy! (And yeah…the pictures don’t go with the jokes. But they’re of my boys who are too stinkin’ cute not to share!) 

1. A koala is not a bear. It does not have all of the koalifications!

2. Look–a train has been here! It left its tracks behind!

3. {Image: Mother monkey and baby monkey in exhibit. Baby monkey is putting on a real show and going crazy. Mother monkey suddenly climbs up the back of the exhibit.} My mother-in-law: Good grief–that poor momma. That kid is driving her up the wall.

4. My mother-in-law to Brandon’s girlfriend: You know Carissa, today Brandon said to me, “Mom, Carissa is the gorilla my dreams.”

5. At the lion exhibit: Yeesh–shouldn’t those cats quit lion around.

6. {I asked Jeremy if he needed to potty. Brandon interrupts.} Gosh Melissa, quit badgering him!

7. You know, this exhibit was designed for sea lions, but they found a bunch of holes in it–so they put some seals in to fix it.

8. Leaving the seal exhibit: Well that seals the deal–this zoo is great!

9. {A very hot and tired Jace says he does not want to go see the elephants.}Brandon: Well rhinot?

10. My father-in-law: Brandon you have to stop with the bad jokes. I just can’t bear it!

For more info on the Rio Grande Zoo, visit: http://www.cabq.gov/biopark/zoo/


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