“What would your Momma do if I just bit you?”

When Jerm was 2 weeks old we went to Las Cruces to stay with Brian’s parents. One afternoon we went to his dad’s office to have our teeth cleaned. Of course the hygienists were oohing and aahing over him–who wouldn’t? (I’m biased, thank you very much!) One of the women scoops him up, tickles his tiny foot, and says “What would your Momma do if I just bit you?!” Her twist on the old adage “I could just eat you up.” The line has become a family joke, one commonly mentioned at gatherings of Brian’s clan.

Last weekend we were together in Ruidoso. Because I am a fabulously wonderful daughter-in-law, I decided to bake a pie for my apple-pie-loving father-in-law. I have always wanted to make a handprint pie, and since I had 2 pie crusts in hand, I went with it. 

I used these pie crusts…heaven and SO easy!

 I used a butter knife to cut the dough around each boy’s hand.

I filled the pie and put the handprints on top.

Here is the yummy end result.

Gives the family joke a whole new spin…especially since we devoured those two little handprints! 

Since the filling was so light in color, the hands don’t show up as well as I had hoped. However, this would be great on pies with darker filling…cherry or pumpkin or chocolate…maybe pecan? Idk…I’m thinking these would be fun to mail to long-distance family over the holidays!



One thought on ““What would your Momma do if I just bit you?”

  1. Hahaha…at the time, that just irritated me beyond belief! (Still think it is a poor choice of something to say about a baby!) The pie was not only pretty, it WAS yummy!!!

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