A Present for a CRABBY Daddy!

I have been meaning to post about the Father’s Day gift that I put together for Brian. He gave us this huge shpeel about how he didn’t want us to spend any money on him or get him anything for Father’s Day. Needless to say, I ignored his wishes entirely, but I did do his gift on a mega budget. After some Pinterest¬† digging, I got inspired by the candy bar cards I was seeing…the ones that use the names of the candy bars to make cute sayings. I decided to gather some of Brian’s favorites and put cute tags on them. Next stop was the Dollar Spot at Target where I knew I could find ribbon, scrapbook paper, and a bucket…$3. Then the candy…approximately $10 (cuz I had to have some for ME too). Once I got home I cut squares of scrapbook paper and wrote my little word-play sayings on them. I punched a hole in the corner, ran ribbon through, and tied them to the candy.

I meant this as a reference to Brian, J1 and J2…the response I got was, “But babe, there are four of us!” Oops…

I couldn’t resist…teehee.

I finished and put everything in the little yellow bucket I had purchased, but it was missing something…I couldn’t decide what. I looked at all of my supplies. And I saw the ribbon I had found at Target. Four different designs on the same roll…and one was a row of tiny red crabs! GENIUS! So I created this note…

and finished off the bucket with these adorable little crafts HAND MADE by the boys.

On Father’s Day morning before church we surprised Daddy with breakfast (Mommy promises to work on her pancake making skills between now and NEXT Father’s Day!) and his gift…along with some paintings by the boys and funny questionnaires that I had them create. He enjoyed his day, and he wasn’t the CRABBY…not even one little bit!


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