Ooh La La!

I’m not really the lingerie shower/bachelorette party type. I haven’t been to many, and generally I feel awkward when I do. I’m one who likes to go out with my husband or with my select few girlfriends. I like to stick to the same quiet places. I’ve never been one to “party.” But I’m a bridesmaid, and for a friend I’ll make some exceptions. So, when fabulous Jennifer asked me to take care of decorations, I went after it excitedly. And what I found pre-made in the stores here in the LBK was not great. Blech! So what did I do? I handmade the decorations myself. And I’m pretty proud of what I came up with! I bought black and pink glitter scrapbook paper in 12×12 sheets, pink and black zebra print glitter scrapbook paper in 12×12 sheets, black and hot pink poster board, zebra print ribbon, pink glitter ribbon, and a silver sharpie. And here are the results:

This was MUCH more like our charming soon-to-be-bride. The party was in a suite at the Overton Hotel. It was sheer dumb luck that the banner fit perfectly in the window. The food table was really fun–check out the enormous chapagne flute I bought from Michael’s! Jennifer took care of everything but the cake pops (see my previous blog). The cookies she had made are adorable! Additionally I made the two signs, one for the door and one to hang over the television. The rubber duckies were my gift to the bride. Like I said, I just never know what to get in these situations. In the end it turned out to be a beautiful party. Hope this give you some fun ideas!


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