Cake Pops Are Easy! I Promise!

In the last 3 weeks I have made 2 batches of cake pops…and man have I learned a lot! The first set I made for Graduation at Jerm’s PDO. I failed to take a single picture of the finished oreo pop truffula tree-esque display. A little over a week ago I got a call from a fellow bridesmaid about getting ready for a lingerie shower/bachelorette party. Again, I volunteered to make cake pops (not oreo this time) and was excited to take pics and record my adventure. I was much more confident this time because I had learned a few things.

The first time I failed in any attempts to color my melted white chocolate. Though I have read that gel food coloring will do the trick, all it resulted in was thick goopy chocolate. So my first step the second time around was colored candy melts.

I found these at Michael’s fairly cheap. I am sure you can get them pretty much anywhere that Wilton products are sold. They taste like white chocolate and are in a zillion colors. I chose pink and black.

So after purchasing my ingredients (cake mix, icing, candy melts, sticks, sprinkles) I made a basic white cake (from a box). It broke my heart to reach in and crumble up a perfect cake. I almost wish it had fallen so I would’ve felt a little better about it! I then added small amounts of white icing (purchased, not home made) until the cake crumbles were moist enough to stick together and roll into balls (I added about half of the container of icing). I put these on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and froze them overnight. One cake mix made about 40 cake balls.

The next morning I got up early to get them all decorated. I started by melting a small amount of candy melts, about a handful, in the microwave (30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir). I then dipped the tips of the sticks into the melted candy.

I inserted the coated sticks into the cake balls. This serves as a sort of glue to help hold the stick in place. It’s truly the secret to making cake pops really work. Let them harden…maybe 10 minutes. I then stick the entire tray back in the freezer and pull out about 5 pops at a time to decorate. This keeps them firm and prevents the balls from breaking away from the sticks (I learned this trick in my first oreo pop experience). To decorate, simply dip the the pop into your melted candy. Spin the stick over the bowl of melted chocolate in order to shake off any excess. You can also tap the pop on the rim of the bowl. The candy melts harden quickly, so if you are using sprinkles put them on ASAP. I only used sprinkles in my decorating, but it would be super easy to melt an alternate color of candy melts and pipe it onto the tops of the pops.

My real question when making pops the first time was how to display them. An online search showed that some people choose to use Wilton decorating stands (or a cardboard box with small holes in it) to decorate the pops and them wrap them in cellophane (or not) to display them in candy filled vases or…whatever! Others choose to dip the pops and them place them stick up on a tray. What I found that I loved most is using styrofoam as a holder. So I went to Hobby Lobby and searched out styrofoam cut outs. The first time I used a flat circle and hot glued decorative ribbon around the edge. For the lingerie party I chose a cone shape and again picked out decorative ribbon which I hot glued to styrofoam.

I just stuck the pops into the styrofoam around the ribbon. What I learned the first time around is that shorter sticks are better! I made sure to buy short sticks for time two so that the pops wouldn’t wobble ridiculously during transport. (BTW…the black and white sprinkles are Duff brand Oreo sprinkles! YUM!) Here’s the final result:

I cut the topper out of scrapbook paper and taped it to a stick. Here you see 35 cake pops. They were delicious and made it to the party in one piece. My next post will feature the party decorations! Be ready!



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