10 Things I’ve Learned Teaching Pre K (Part 1)…or The Practical, the Nonsensical, the Tyrannical, and the Losing-my-mind-ical

1. When forbidden to hang objects on walls, improvisation is a must!

This Word Wall is on the back of a cabinet. Added plus to this is that I keep prying eyes and hands out of things they shouldn’t be in!

This graph is on the heater…

This is last week’s Earth Day graphic organizer. Pretty proud of this one (if I do say so myself…ha)…

2. Cutting out letters for bulletin boards sucks. Solution: Paint them w/a sponge brush. You get uniform letters and a unique look.

This is our bulletin board for Dr. Seuss week. The cats are the kids’ foot prints.

5 green and speckled frogs sat on a speckled log eating some most delicious bugs! Logs are toilet paper rolls!

Healthy foods painted with tinted corn syrup. Pretty!

3. Superhero clipart is UNBELIEVABLY hard to find…

I had to make my own.

4. Everyone can hold it for 30 minutes (if they have JUST been), regardless of whining.

Exceptions: Boys, whining girls, 3 year olds. Ha…I guess you should ignore #4!

5. If you give a Pre-K kiddo the chance to take a picture with his/her tongue out, he/she will want another…and another…and another. Totally “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie-esque!”

How about 10 in a row…all the same face!

6. Even though we parents and teachers love hand and footprint crafts, kids aren’t huge fans. (Exception: Little Miss M in my classroom who seems to think that having her hands painted is the equivalent of a massage or a glass of red wine for us adults!) Well…tough cookies. They are STILL cute!

Scroll back up to the Lorax…his mustache is hand prints!

7. Kids aren’t scared of the Big Bad Wolf anymore. In fact, his version of the story is even considered totally plausible. According to a recent (highly researched and completely accurate and unbiased) survey, 78% of preschool students say Little Red is the liar! To conduct your own poll, check out this book: 

8. Yoga works miracles. At the very least, it creates a calmer teacher.

FABULOUS book…for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, or teachers…or WHOEVER you are working with preschool kids (or younger!) Namaste!

9. Hidden talents are a crucial element of classroom management. Wiggling my nose almost garners a standing O! Too bad I can’t burp the ABC’s…

10. Girls learn to be ugly to each other at a VERY early age. Is it just programmed into our DNA? Teachers, parents, coaches, everyone, needs to be reinforcing girl love and support! I SO don’t envy you, Moms of Girls!


3 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned Teaching Pre K (Part 1)…or The Practical, the Nonsensical, the Tyrannical, and the Losing-my-mind-ical

  1. Love the Itsy Bitsy Yoga book!! We’ve been using it for years! You are very creative and resourceful! I’m impressed!! It’s amazing what you can do when you have to!

  2. I just love seeing how your classroom (and you!) Have evolved!!! What a great environment you have created, and what a great time they are obviously having.

  3. So much truth and hilarity in everything you’ve learned this year. Thank you so much for everything this year! You have created a wonderful learning environment for all of your kiddos. Much love and grace in your future endeavors!

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